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NES Health Energetic Body Scan with Debra Meszaros

Debra is a certified Bioenergetic practitioner, certified sports nutritionist, enzyme expert, biofeedback practitioner, and health & lifestyle coach with 12+ years of experience and extensive applications in Autoimmune and chronic illness therapies.

An energetic body scan is performed by utilizing NES Provision Advanced software that delivers a comprehensive health assessment of more than 150 results about your body and energy field. Complete with detailed graphical representations, reports, help files, & recommendations.

Graphical Screens color coded with the body’s health priorities assessing the energetic aspects of major organs, systems, environmental influences, toxins, electromagnetic fields, musculoskeletal system, emotions, nutrient utilization & more!

In a full session, I will explain the data collected as we review the Screen and provide you with .pdf files of the color coded report, help files, & recommendation chart.

MiHealth Sessions: How it works

This compact, handheld PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) device, aids in releasing energy blockaages, stimulates trigger points, and helps bring your body’s oscillations back to normal. When used together with the NES Infoceuticals, it allows for the important information delivered by the infoceuticals to get to where it’s needed. It is simple and safe to use. MiHealth Home Devices are also available for those that wish to continue or apply therapy in their own home. Ask for details.

About MiHealth sessions

The MiHealth device is simple therapy that is performed by a NES Certified Bioenergetic Practitioner, whereby the practitioner can use the device in an off-body mode or by the client in an on-body mode. Specific settings are used based on the results of your NES Total Wellness Scan or simply according to the clients health objective(s).  Standard session time ranges from 5 to 20 minutes of total application time. First sessions are usually 10 minutes. Sometimes multiple sessions are needed to reach full potential and your goal.

Starting at $50 per session (various packages available from a 30 min MiHealth session to full 1 1/2 hour comprehensive report session)